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Sajid Javid Those who witnessed Mr Javid's brief turn for the cameras on Monday seriously doubt whether he was deliberately striking a dominant pose. "A snapper asked him to step to the left and caught him mid-move - but, hey, that's life in front of the lens," said a source close to the new home secretary. There was a mini-epidemic of power posing at ธุรกิจขายตรง ออนไลน์ the top of the Conservative Party a few years ago, which prompted much sniggering in the media and speculation about whether they had all been sent on the same management awayday. Mr Javid's old boss at the Treasury, George Osborne, adopted a particularly dramatic stance at the 2015 Tory conference, although the feet pointing inward might take away some of the effect... Theresa May appeared to go in for a spot of power posing at the same event. The then Prime Minister, David Cameron, went full East End gang boss at a photo shoot during the 2016 EU referendum campaign. Advocates of power posing claim it can boost testosterone and adrenaline levels - and help establish your authority over colleagues, particularly among women executives who, they say, often have more submissive body language than their male colleagues. Harvard professor Amy Cuddy, who came up with the theory in 2010, had observed some of her female students entering a room with hunched shoulders and defensive postures, while their male counterparts sprawled across their desks in a self-assured, swaggering way. She investigated whether changing the way you occupy your physical space could boost confidence.


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With the cost of producing clean energy plummeting, technology advancing and regional governments building the right framework to attract new players, Calderon is on the verge of building a legacy. Currently, a fifth of the world’s electricity is produced by renewable energy. New solar power accounts for half of all new capacity, followed by wind power, which accounts for a third – making this the first time in history that added solar capacity managed to outstrip all other electricity producing technology. “Back in 2006, if you wanted to build mega solar plant in somewhere like Germany, it would cost you $10m,” he told Arabian Business in a recent interview. “For those plants to make a profit they would have to sell electricity at 50 euro cents per Kilo Watt hour (kWh). Today, in Egypt we have plants selling at eight cents per kWh. “In 2006, a solar panel had an efficiency of just seven percent – meaning only seven percent of it was converted by sun rays. Today that number is in the twenties, while the cost of plants has dropped below $1m/MW. For example, you could be building something at less than 10 percent of the cost in 2016, and it is three times more efficient just a decade later,” says Calderon. In this edition of Inside AB, Lubna Hamdan and Eddie Taylor look at how renewables have become a viable alternative in many countries.

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