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After speaking to Rex Tillerson, Mr Johnson and his US opposite number agreed it was best for one man to deliver a single message to Moscow. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Theresa May's decision to give Boris Johnson a top cabinet role surprised many Mr Johnson then spent a weekend hitting the phones to other G7 countries trying to get a united position agreed ahead of the meeting in Lucca. In its final communique, the G7 did agree to state the Assad regime had to end. But further sanctions - an idea endorsed by Number 10 - got nowhere. It was clearly a snub to Mr Johnson although government sources insist sanctions have not been taken off the table. On Wednesday, the Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, said other countries were "less forward-leaning" than the UK on the issue. Diplomacy is tough. But it may have been unwise for the Foreign Office to suggest sanctions were an ambition when key G7 nations clearly didn't agree. Boris Johnson: His rise, fall, rise, fall and rise At the weekend, I was told by Team Boris that he was very relaxed about the sniping and criticism being lobbed his way in recent days.

In the US, large-size clothes are often in a separate department, or there are shops that sell only clothes for larger women, such as Avenue and Lane Bryant . (Lane Bryant has more than 800 stores in 48 of the 50 states. Some people love them, and then theres a friend of mine who calls them Lame Giant.) Sometimes, this division into larger and smaller seems like a big-girl ghetto; sometimes, its nice not to have to move through rack after rack of clothes that were not made for me. A lifetime of trial and error has taught me a few things. I know that a store such as Gap might stock a couple of larger-size items, but Banana Republic, for instance, will label a shirt that is no larger than a medium One Size and call it a day (though many shops offer larger sizes online). Occasionally, Id try some place new, but mostly I found it easier to stick to places I knew I liked and had things for me (hence my devotion to Target). Two years since arriving in Scotland, life suits us much better than Amsterdam. The people are friendly. We dont own a car, and because Edinburgh is such a pedestrian city, its easy for us to get our 10,000 steps a day.

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It said regional police wanted to have a greater presence if necessary and use dogs trained to sniff out explosives. INCREASED SECURITY Joachim Herrmann, interior minister of the state of Bavaria, told the same newspaper Bavaria planned to use more video surveillance, especially in crime hotspots and in public places - a controversial issue in Germany, where memories of the Nazi Gestapo and the Stasi security police still linger. Joachim Thomas, chairman of the association of German stadium operators, told Welt am Sonntag he believed full-body scanners would be used at entrances to stadiums in future. Police are overstretched already and do not have enough staff to keep watch over a team's hotel night after night so clubs would have to provide extra security staff if they wanted that, said Arnold Plickert, GdP police union's deputy chairman. Security was tight for Saturday's matches, including a Bundesliga game between Dortmund and Eintracht Frankfurt. Dortmund police posted a picture on Twitter showing an armed officer outside the stadium, saying they had provided more security inside and out. Police in the western city of Mainz said they had safely accompanied buses carrying both the Mainz and Hertha BSC soccer teams to their match on Saturday. Tagesspiegel newspaper said on its website the BKA federal police suspected an anonymous far-right email that claimed responsibility for the attack and suggested another might occur on April 22 was the work of a right-wing extremist who was not responsible for the attack but wanted to exploit the situation. A spokeswoman for the BKA said the email still needed to be evaluated.