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At a fire, he might help roll up hoses afterward, or go get the exhaust fan off the truck. He helps get the trucks ready for service again after a call. Hes got a pager. If we get a call, he comes to the fire station and waits for somebody to tell him what to do, Horn said. Sometimes he doesnt get to leave the fire station, but thats no different from any other cadet. Jason resides about a block from the fire department. When the pager goes off, its time to hustle over to the station, even if its in the middle of the night, and you arrive still wearing your pajamas adorned with Stewie, a character from the animated TV show Family Guy. Yeah, it happened. Jason has his own fire suit and helmet. We do have to kind of shelter him - what we do can be dangerous - but when he told me that was his dream his whole life, to be a firefighter, I couldnt give up on him, Horn said. I had to find a way to fit him into our fire department, and so far this seems to be working pretty good. Jason said the potential danger doesnt scare him. No, sir, he said. Because Ive always liked dangerous. Becoming a firefighter has meant the world to him.

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